On the way to…

After a long time with no shooting – at least nothing that we’d publish here – we got the chance to go out and take some pictures together after quite a while. Sebastian actually is on vacation and at the moment in a bus on the way to Darmstadt for a visit. The camera equipment is obviously on the way too. Probably the post processing will take us a while as usual, but soon there should be some new pictures.

First gallery on-line


it is already March 4th that waiting has come to an end:

Pictures of Silvester are on-line – finally.

Why did it take so long? Well practically it has been a mishmash of lots of work, time-consuming hobbies, other photoprojects with higher priority, not being motivated at times and a dash of “How do I have to set up things to make it look like I want to?!” …

This should not be your problem, so here is the link to the gallery:

Silvester 2012 – Neujahr 2013

We continue working on our page. Content will come with the time…